Business Alarm Systems in Allentown PA

Business Alarm Systems in Allentown PA – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC provides alarm system design and installation in Allentown PA. Business Alarm Systems must be designed to fulfill the end users expectations. It is much easier to secure a property for a client looking to alarm a facility for protection when no one is present.  Protecting an empty facility is easily achieved with alarm system motion detectors. Motion detectors are designed to cover areas that are vacant. For residential applications, many motion detectors are pet-friendly and allow smaller pets under 70lbs with the correct setup.

For Allentown PA Business Alarm clients wishing to install alarm systems to protect them while they are present motion detector installation should be limited to unoccupied areas. Monitored alarms protecting clients while they are present require the installation of window and door sensors. Unfortunately, this type of alarm system requires more investment, every window and door require a contact. For clients looking for a higher level of protection glass break sensors alert if intruders break the glass to crawl through the window opening. Glass break sensors are tuned listen for the sound of breaking glass and report to the alarm panel depending on how it is programmed. Glass break may be programmed as a 24/7 zone or it may arm and disarm with the window door contacts and motion detectors.  Programming the glass break as a 24/7 zone offers better protection for large properties where the sound of breaking glass would not be heard during unarmed times.

Business Alarm Systems in Allentown PA may also monitor building and homes for smoke, heat, co2, moisture, temperature and more. Alerts may protect from freezing, over temperature or flooding due to rain or leaking pipes.

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