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Local Alarm Company Allentown PA provided by Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC with locations in Allentown PA, Scranton PA, Reading PA, Philadelphia PA, and Delaware NRSEC provides alarm services to discriminating Residential Customers looking for commercial equipment. We have a proven record of providing security services and installations for Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Wholesale, Retail and more. Local service is important however our goal is to provide a high-quality installation with a long life cycle and low maintenance.

Alarm Systems in Allentown PA provide customers with a warning of unauthorized entry 24 hrs a day. Many customers chose to set their alarm up to protect them while they are away. Alarm systems are often customized to allow the arming of the premises while there are home. After a consultation with our security systems design engineers, we can customize a system based on your needs.

Local Alarm Company Allentown PA – Alarm Systems are often paired with video surveillance to provide documented footage of events and allow live viewing from users smart devices or video confirmation. Law enforcement officers will tell you that most burglars are gone before they can respond to the alarm call. NRSEC alarm clients normally have video surveillance with alerts to the client’s smartphones where they can monitor their security cameras. our team of seasoned security specialist place video surveillance footage on the cloud or in hidden drives at our client’s location. By hiding the video storage we can prevent the video surveillance recorder from being stolen in a burglary.

Protect Alarms keep our clients safe and secure while giving them a piece of mind while they are away from their home or business. By pairing video surveillance and alarms you have the benefit of being alerted of intrusions and capturing the burglars visually.

Local Alarm Company Allentown PA 1-888-344-3846

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