Alarm Monitoring – North East Remote Surveillance

“Abort Window” means a period of time after a sensor initiated alarm condition that allows the user additional time to disarm the system before an alarm is transmitted.

“Alarm Administrator” means the City of Bethlehem Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

“Alarm Company” means a person in the business of selling, providing, maintaining, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing, moving, installing, or monitoring an Alarm System in an Alarm Site. An Alarm Company must be licensed as a Telecommunication Installer as outlined in Article 1703 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Bethlehem and possess a valid City of Bethlehem Business Privilege License as per City of Bethlehem Business Privilege & Mercantile Tax Regulations.

“Alarm Dispatch Request” means a notification to the Police Communications Center that an alarm, either manual or automatic, has been activated at the location where the alarm is installed.

“Alarm Registration” or “Permit” means authorization granted by the Alarm Administrator to an Alarm User to operate an Alarm System.

“Alarm Site” means a single fixed premises or location served by an Alarm System or Systems. Each unit, if served by a separate Alarm System, or alarm partition, or emergency contact list in a multi-unit building or complex, shall be considered a separate Alarm Site.

“Alarm System” means a device or series of devices, including, but not limited to, hardwired systems and systems interconnected with a radio frequency method such as cellular or private radio signals, which emit or transmit a remote or local audible, visual or electronic signal
indicating an alarm condition and intended to summon law enforcement response, including Local Alarm Systems. Alarm System does not include an alarm installed in a vehicle or on someone’s person unless the vehicle or the personal alarm is permanently located at a site.

“Alarm User” means any person who has contracted for Monitoring, repair, installation or maintenance from an Alarm Company for an Alarm System; or who owns, uses, operates, or is responsible for an Alarm System, whether or not it is monitored, maintained or repaired under contract.

“Business Alarm” means an alarm system installed in a building or site such as a store, factory or office. For the purposes of this article it would include apartment/multi unit living buildings and any building or structure other than a single family dwelling.

“Central Monitoring Service” means any vendor provided service whereby activations of alarm systems are received from alarm systems, and such activations are then reported to the City’s Emergency Communications Center on behalf of the operator, owner, or lessee of the alarm system.

“City” means the City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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